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PLT (Poultry Litter Treatment)

PoultryquardPLT has been proven the most effective and economical litter amendment available, based on numerous scientific studies conducted by universities and commercial companies. The application of PLT before each flock allows litter to be safely reused for a number of years, saving you the cost of new litter and cleanout. PLT is non-hazardous and creates a beneficial environment in the poultry house by controlling ammonia released from the litter and reducing litter pH levels, allowing birds to optimize their genetic potential. Litter treated with PLT is friendly to crops and the environment.



In most applications, PLT is applied only once, as close to bird placement as possible. Due to its uniformity, PLT application is quick and easy. PLT can be applied with a typical broadcast spreader, a PTO-driven spreader or a drop spreader.